Transitional Marquetry

The pattern is created using micro marquetry

The interwoven ‘transitional marquetry’ technique tricks the eye and mind into thinking it is a single material surface when, in fact, it consists of white and black mother– of–pearl highlights and two different dyed woods — quilted maple and rippled sycamore — that transition from light to dark, creating tonal changes under the light.

The pattern is created using micro marquetry which — depending on the pattern’s background colour and size — tricks the light – sensitive colour cones in the back of the eye into ‘thinking’ the foreground colour tone differs from the actual colour, creating the transitional colour effect.


Materials – Through dyed blue quilted maple and ripple sycamore, myrtle burr, walnut burr, elm burr, black & white mother-of-peal

Finish – Full gloss