The Commissioning Process

A journey from vision to production

For both client and craftsman, collaborating on a piece of bespoke furniture is a creative journey guaranteed to expand the horizons. Just as no two pieces are alike, no two journeys are identical either – ours is an art form driven by people and ideas, not rules and formulas.

And yet the result is always the same: meticulously made furniture that is at once a perfect representation of the brief and the result infinitely better than you could possibly have imagined.


Listening and learning

We begin by listening to our client’s creative vision, taking the time to understand their fundamental needs and desires, yet seeking to push the boundaries of their imagination with our knowledge of what is possible.

I believe when you commission bespoke furniture you are taken on a journey.

Martin Weaver, Client


Thinking and sketching

Ideas come to life on the sketchpad. Our thoughts on form, function and finish are set down on paper as inspiring hand sketches to be discussed and developed in collaboration with the client.

Commissioning bespoke furniture is addictive. Once you have gone down the bespoke road you can’t go back to a shop – for anything.

John Samonas, Client


Detailing and design

Following the final selection of materials, fabrics and finishes, and agreement upon the design itself, our engineers will create a specification drawing that our craftsmen can work to, ensuring the integrity of the concept.


Craftsmanship and finishing

We encourage all our clients to visit our workshop while their furniture is being made, enabling them to witness first hand the skill and passion of our craftsmen, and feel part of the journey of its creation.


Naming and dating

Upon completion, we name and date each commission with our unique Sterling silver hallmarks – a stamp of true distinction – then painstakingly pack them ready for delivery.


Packing, delivery and installation

Delivery is an art in itself. Our craftsmen and project manager carefully transport, unpack, install and wax each commissioned piece to ensure it is placed and presented to perfection.


Cleaning and aftercare

Before we depart, we ensure the owner or household staff is given appropriate cleaning materials and aftercare training. If required, we can annually inspect, clean and wax the commission.