Pushing the Boundaries

Pioneering and experimental furniture

Creating unique designs for Collector is a collaborative process, in which designer, material scientist, structural engineer and craftsmen all work together.

With no preconceptions and no client to answer to, we are left with a blank canvas, and are free to question convention, make the unimaginable possible, and create furniture as functional art.

Pushing the Boundaries

A questioning approach

We desire to challenge not only what others perceive to be set in stone, but our own long- held assumptions.

Does luxury have to be crafted from precious and rare materials? Does a high gloss finish matter as much as what is beneath the surface? Are trends meaningless in the face of mother nature, the world’s greatest innovator?

We want to change people’s preconceptions of what 21st century craftsmanship can be.

Mark Boddington

Pushing the Boundaries

Informing the next generation

The art of every era is informed by the knowledge, technology and skills of that time, and influenced by its social and economic history.

That’s why we believe today’s furniture should represent inconspicuous luxury; a post-recession mindset where purity of function and genuine pleasure prevail.

There is an element of art, but we are making a functional object that is meant to be experienced.

Henrietta Thompson, Editor at Wallpaper

Pushing the Boundaries

Innovative techniques and processes

Silverlining’s research and innovation department work with leading material, structural and finish scientists to evolve and transform what’s possible.

Our workshop-based research is essential to our progression, as innovation can often arise from mistakes – the skill is in noticing them.

Pushing the Boundaries

Dramatic and unexpected results

Only when the best minds come together can groundbreaking strides be made. And only through dreaming up seemingly impossible designs can Silverlining’s experienced craftsman define what 21st century craftsmanship can be.