Craft and Technology

Modern making for modern living

We live in a world where our time is precious, where we want to enjoy our family, friends and the homes we live in. Editions furniture is designed for that lifestyle, combining vitality and luxury with the pure pleasure that comes from everyday use.

Combining 30 years of craftsmanship with 21st century advances in technology and materials, these ready-to-order designs explore material, colour, texture and finish to create subtle luxury with unexpected detail.

Our experimentation with form and materials informs our limited edition furniture

Mark Boddington

Modern making

Natural materials

Sustainability meets luxury

Taking into account the finite nature of our planet, the Editions range is crafted from sustainable woods such as eucalyptus, ash and Douglas fir, combined with a variety of other ecologically- sound materials and finishes from nature.

Modern making

Meticulous craftsmanship, modern methods

Tradition meets technology

The Editions range combines the hand and eye co-ordination of traditional making skills with advances in digital, laser and CNC machining, to achieve the unexpected.

Modern making

Supporting future skills

For today and tomorrow

The range plays a huge role in our investment in apprentices and trainees, enabling their skills to be enhanced through repetition and adherence to strict quality standards, while being overseen by their mentors. It is vital that we ensure tomorrow’s skills are there for the next generation.