The Creative Process

At Silverlining, design is a harmonious combination of concept, material and finish, all working together to meet a project’s aesthetic and functional requirements within a prescribed timescale. It’s a delicate balance that begins with the simple acts of listening and learning – taking the time to understand a client’s vision and clarify the project’s objectives. Only then can we embark on a journey of pure creativity:


Successful thinking means freeing the mind from preconceptions and exploring all aspects of a problem to find the right solution. We explore all our initial ideas through hand sketching, because we truly believe no computer can replace the creative flair of an artist’s hand. Our comprehensive sketches enable us to communicate the design with logic and clarity, and are filled with meticulous detail to excite and inspire our client.

They have brought a whole new level of excitement and pleasure to the process of creation.

Alexander Glickman, Architect


Attention to detail is vital to the creation of groundbreaking one-of-a-kind pieces. Many of our ideas will never be repeated, so it’s essential that we get every detail correct before we begin to build: how does the idea work? how will it be engineered? how will we craft and finish the final design? Every question possible is asked, and then answered.


At Silverlining, we offer a choice of over 90 woods with a seemingly infinite array of grains, colours and finishes, plus numerous other materials including luxurious leathers, gleaming or aged metals, opaque and fossil stones, and cast or blown glass. The possibilities are truly endless.


When creating something that has never been seen before, it’s important to inspire confidence in the client – the fact is the owner can never really see what he is buying until it has been completed. We’re committed to working with our clients at every stage of the process, creating lifelike samples, scale models and even one to one mock-ups to ensure their faith in the project remains as steadfast as our own.