Project management

From start to finish

Our project managers specialise in making the impossible possible, guiding the process and overcoming any obstacles in an efficient and effective way. Silverlining has managed an array of extensive projects around the world, and our polite, methodical approach ensures a smooth journey from design through to delivery, installation and aftercare.

Each of our project managers has previously worked with us as a craftsman and design engineer, and then been promoted into project management thanks to their strong planning, communication and financial skills. Their hands-on knowledge of every element of the creative craft journey enables them to deliver projects within budget, on time and to a quality and service level that exceeds all expectations.

Digital surveying

Where necessary, our team can conduct a laser survey of the site to ascertain the precise dimensions of the space or work out the exact tolerances for built-in furniture. We can also pre-empt any access, integration, delivery or installation requirements.

Design engineering

Our engineers and draughtsmen develop our chosen designs into highly sophisticated virtual models and precise technical drawings, detailing every dimension, material and finish for accurate visualisation and making of the final piece.

Equipment integration

From the outset, we work in harmony with the owner’s architect, designer or other consultant to ensure integration of any equipment, opening clear channels of communication for a smooth, responsive process and complete client peace of mind.

Solutions driven

For our project managers, nothing is impossible and nothing is too much trouble. Whatever the project, our only goal is to exceed our client’s expectations – particularly as so many of our projects are commissioned by returning customers.


Silverlining is a consultant to architects, designers, outfitters and owners on defining quality standards. These services include detailing design drawings, sourcing materials, making control material finish samples and training third parties to meet the project aspirations on quality.

Wrapping, packing and crating

For complete peace of mind, we insist on a nine-stage process of packing, from wrapping the piece in acid-free conservation cloth to transporting it in water- and shatter-proof crates with controlled humidity. The entire packing process is carried out by the craftsman that made the furniture.

Delivery and installation

Wherever in the world we’re delivering, all transport and installation logistics are handled by Silverlining’s craftsmen and project managers. We always meet the furniture upon its arrival, and ensure its careful positioning and installation to the client’s exact wishes.


The ongoing care of our furniture is extremely important to our craftsmen, so we provide detailed care notes and full training to owners or their household staff to ensure the piece continues to be properly looked after.


We can supply accessories, such as cutlery, crockery, glass and silverware with sea fixings where necessary, along with leather or wood placemats and deck mats. In addition, we supply furniture covers for protection from UV light or physical damage when not in use, or to keep yacht furniture safe during a sea crossing.