The workshops

Our workshops are the beating heart of our business. They are where we build our museum-quality furniture, and where we continue to build our reputation for the unending pursuit of excellence. Silverlining’s craftsmen have all learned the skills of their trade under talented masters, and yet in our workshops they continue to study new ways of making things to help define the future of craftsmanship.

The workshops enable us to keep our skills in-house, so we can control and enhance quality, as well as react quickly to our clients’ requests. In many ways, our clients only truly understand the depth of our passion when they visit our workshops in person to meet the craftsmen who are bringing their vision to life.

Unparalleled materials

We pride ourselves in sourcing unusual materials, such as a 227-year-old reindeer hide salvaged from The Metta Catharina that sank off Plymouth in 1776, or a 418-year-old brown burr oak from the stately home Holker Hall in Cumbria, England. We look for the unusual and find the incredible.

The best way I can find of describing Silverlining’s work is ‘handmade perfection’.

Roger Lean-Vercoe, Journalist

28 years of making

Silverlining’s craftsmen are multi-skilled, able to work in wood, veneer, leather, composites, stone, metal or glass, and we have absolutely no fear of the new. Micro marquetry, incise carving, metal repoussé, 3D composite forming and blanket stitching are just a few of the techniques we’ve introduced into our repertoire.

Leading edge technology

Today, our workshop combines the very best new technology with age-old human hand skills. As well as speeding up mundane or formerly dangerous tasks, computer-controlled machining, water jet cutting and lasers allow for micro accuracy and ever more intricate detailing.

Finishing touches

Our craftsmen understand that finish is everything. Whether it’s a crisp edge that glints, a mirror polish that reflects, an intriguing tactile texture or a brilliant bright white, the finish is always the first thing you see.

Makers’ mark

Every bespoke piece we create is identified as an original Silverlining piece by our precious Sterling Silver hallmarks. Sometimes hidden, sometimes obvious, they indicate the year of completion and are our inimitable signature.