Excellence in our field

Silverlining is justly proud of its industry awards and recognition, and we share these honours with the owners, designers and architects we have worked with. The awards are testament to the groundbreaking design and craftsmanship of those teams, who have collaborated to achieve world-leading work. Many of the projects recognised are, and will remain, iconic records of the best of today.

S.Y. Hemisphere

2012, Interior design award

M.Y. Tango

2012, Best motor yacht of the year

M.Y. Palladium

2011, Judges special award

M.Y. Palladium

2011, Interior design award

M.Y. Palladium

2011, Best power yacht 65m+

M.Y. Palladium

2011, Bespoke furniture

Walpole British Luxury

2010, Luxury craftsmanship nominee

M.Y. Anna

2008, Best motor yacht 66-79m

M.Y. Solemar

2004, Best superyacht interior

S.Y. Phryne

2000, Best superyacht interior

M.Y. Solemates

1999, Best interior

M.Y. Claire

1996, Best power yacht over 43m

The Worshipful Company

1993, Bespoke guild mark no 152

The Worshipful Company

1993, Bespoke guild no 151

The Worshipful Company

1993, Bespoke guild mark no 150