Gravity Black 02

Collectors' Piece

The Gravity Black 02 artwork’s illusion of light being sucked into the black holes (as if by gravity) has been created by designing a pattern of over 58,000 arcs filled with gold metallised resin radiating towards central points.

As the pattern gets closer to the event horizons, represented by polished nickel halos, more of the rare figured ‘bubble’ maple background is revealed, intensifying the light surrounding the black holes.

The centre of a black hole is what physicists call the ‘singularity’. It is depicted in the artwork by perfectly hand–turned spheres that appear to float above a constantly swirling compression of mass, which is represented by the deep, sweeping hand–carved texture within the holes.

A super–black nano coating has been used to demonstrate the darkness associated with black holes — and challenge the viewer’s perception from any viewing angle. Known as Vantablack® VBX, the coating has a total hemispherical reflectance of 1% (calculated as absorbing 99% of reflected light).


Dimensions – 225cm × 80cm

Materials – White figured maple, Dubai gold metallised resin, Vantablack® VBX, polished nickel

Finish – Full gloss