Carbon Desk

Private Residence

The ‘Carbon Desk’ achieves its incredibly thin appearance through the use of solid carbon fibre during the making process. All visible faces & edges of the desk have been veneered in a rough-sawn fumed oak with the grain running perpendicular to the desk length and the saw marks run along the length of the desk and sides giving the desk flowing textural aesthetic.

There are two drawer units which have been finished with a brushed ‘gun-metal’ resin, each housing two drawers either side of the desk and the drawer internals have removable tooling coach-hide leather storage boxes.

Dimensions – 2200mm length x 730mm height x 850mm depth

Design Courtesy of Dina Kamal

Silverlining merge the ideas of the designer and the hand skills of the maker to redefine the boundaries of 21st century craftsmanship

Mark Boddington, Founder