Dining room table

Residence, Belgravia, United Kingdom
One of 5 commissions

Inspired by our client’s desire to bring a contemporary edge to his Art Deco apartment, we used 21st century materials to reinterpret this classic Emile Jacques Rhulmann design.

Using advanced aircraft composites for strength, we pared back the under structure into an aerofoil and added a decorative nickel silver inlay to resemble light glinting off a wing. A rare black fossil marble plinth adds visual impact, and acts as a counterbalance by lowering the centre of gravity.

For a 21st century feel, traditional decorative mouldings are replaced on the Macassar ebony top with inlaid mother of pearl dots that simply flow over the curved table edges.

Silverlining furniture is alive, and it creates a modern link with the great furniture makers of the past.

Roger Lean-Vercoe, Journalist