Main deck dining room table

95.15m Motor Yacht Palladium
One of 90 commissions

Conceived by Michael Leach Design and created by Silverlining, this vast dining table echoes the yacht’s streamlined profile and seems to emerge fully-grown from the deck. It is surrounded by 20 bespoke chairs, which are reflected in the 200 pieces of tessellated burr walnut veneer that make up the tabletop.

Our real design challenge was to craft a base light enough for a yacht, yet strong enough to anchor a 6.2m table while at sea. The aged bronze patina belies its innovative construction: it is formed from a single lightweight carbon fibre moulding, inspired by our discussions with Formula One designers and resonance engineers.

Because Silverlining contribute at a design level, it gives us more time to work and perfect other elements of the boat.

Michael Leach, Designer