Silverlining Academy of Skills - Finishing

Silverlining Furniture has announced the launch of an academy – a new training programme teaching “PhD. level” craftsmanship techniques in furniture making, offering full‐time employment.

The Academy is open to everyone – it does not require any prior formal skills, as all the skills required will be taught during the course. The Academy welcomes young people looking at options after leaving school or university, as well as a mature adults with a passion for creativity, looking for a career and lifestyle change.

“Whilst we provide all the craftsmanship skills through the Academy, we are looking for people who are passionate about furniture‐making, craftsmanship and innovation. People who will take pride in creating museum‐quality pieces, which sit at the nexus of furniture and works of art.”

The academy will provide full‐time permanent jobs with lifelong skills and careers at Silverlining supporting the company’s plans for growth, including building a new studio and manufacturing centre of excellence, creating up to 30 jobs.

The Academy is currently recruiting the first cohort to join the ‘Finishing’ programme, starting in the summer of 2021, with further skills to follow ‐ for further details of the training opportunities in finishing or to apply please see our prospectus.