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The characteristic soft and flowing yet directional forms of contemporary sculpture, architecture, and automotive design, meet in the shape of Ascend. Its outer shell of leather and anodised aluminium - crafted in collaboration with a leading designer Neal Feay - is uniquely formed, graduating in colour and texture.

G1520 15 Laminated Aperture Furniture Concept 3

Centrally, ascending layers of English Oak increase in thickness and brighten in colour, adding to the sense of depth and three-dimensionality of the piece. Outlining this sculpted form are fine inlays plated in mirror-polished almond gold.

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G1520 05 Ascend
G1520 05 Ascend 1

Materials - Anodised Aluminium (by Neal Feay), English Oak, Mole Brown Upholstery Leather, Polished Almond Gold.

Finish - Open-grain satin lacquer.