The Journey

The Journey 9

We love the winding journey that leads from an initial conversation with a client to the unveiling of a finished piece of furniture.

The Journey 3

The commissioning experience is different every time, with its own pace and milestones, yet it is always collaborative, absorbing and hugely satisfying.

The Journey 4
The Journey 5

We start by listening to you, understanding your creative ideas and how the piece of furniture will fit into your life. Then, drawing on our knowledge of what’s possible, we push the boundaries of the brief, bringing ideas to life on paper and working with you to refine form, function and finish into an approved design.

During the making process, many clients choose to visit our workshop to meet the team, see the work in progress and witness first-hand the meticulous craftsmanship that’s involved. Once complete, the piece of furniture is delivered and presented with the same attention to detail that has characterised its making.

Luxury Furniture-makers at Work

Compelling Concepts - In the first phase of the design stage, hand sketches and samples of potential materials and finishes are used to articulate the broad outlines of the form and function, and to define user interaction and experience.

Meticulous Detailing - Often designs present several challenges for the designers and engineers: either the immense size or complex decorative patterns.

Material Discovery - With each piece being bespoke, with its own unique requirements, from rare walnut wood veneers

(with patterns like those found on exhibition–grade gunstocks) to precious Mother of Pearl, each project requires its own material discovery.

All Silverlining furniture is named and dated with a set of sterling silver hallmarks, including the year it was made. Once the project is in its rightful home and being enjoyed by the owners, it is important to recognise the journey from vision to reality by presenting a book to the clients. The book includes the original concepts as well as ‘making’ photographs.

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