F1264 05 Her Cabinet

Vortex Cabinet

Antelope edit 04 09

Antelope Cabinet

Parabolic1 edit v1

Parabolic Cabinet

Fibonacci cabinet main

Fibonacci Cabinet

Hunting lodge main v1

Hunting Lodge Table

Vaulted echo table main

Vaulted Echo Table

Torricelli table main

Infinity Mirror Table

Hortensia breakfast table main

Hortensia Breakfast Table

Land sea sky table main

Land, Sea and Sky Table

Coffee box main

Transitional Marquetry Coffee Box

Razor house bars main

Razor House Bars

Peacock screen on easel edit 03 09

Peacock Artwork

Wave transition main

Wave Transition Cabinet

Infinity table main

Infinity Table

Cosmic dining table main

Cosmic Dining Table

Cosmic credenza main

More Projects

We have gathered a small selection of our work here to give you a flavour of what’s possible when you share your own creative ideas with our team of designers and makers. Click on the pieces to learn more about their inspiration, materials and the making process.