Enriched Sensibilities

Making Marks

The design combines oiled English elm, with polished solid bronze and vegetable-tanned leather. It’s been inspired by the ocean and the way it interacts and breaks along the shoreline. The movement of the wood as the ocean and the smooth leather as the land are split by a tapering line of polished metal.

Silverlining Furniture Enriched Sensibilities Collection Making Marks concept CGI
Making Marks still life

We have translated ocean’s movement into a texture that would cleverly break up a surface and reflect light in an intriguing way. The texture was inspired by the traditional chip carving marks created by hand for centuries, however, we generated it using algorithms and 3D digital software.

Although the tools used are mechanical, when used skilfully, they have a subtlety that hasn’t been possible before now.

Making Marks 4
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Making Marks 3