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This design challenges the perceived limitations of wood with a tour de force of sustainable design in the form of outstanding lamination craftsmanship. Slice’s light, tactile form features texture-patterned end grain contrasting with smooth nonpatterned long grain.

G1520 Slice Furniture Concept 5

It is emphasised by the Prussian blue-black iron oxide-stained oak finish, created by a reaction between the natural tannin and iron salts. As the top surface of the design falls down the sides, the timber’s end grain is highlighted by an intact, subtle end grain pattern – a reminder of the natural origin of the piece. 

On the underside, the surface is broken with a chip-carved texture. Slice is an authentic expression of modern craftsmanship, one that honours the past in its use of solid native oak yet looks ahead to the future with the latest CNC technology.

G1520 06 Slice
SLF 2302 2
SLF 3358 2
G1520 06 Slice

Materials - English Oak.

Finish - Prussian Blue Iron-Dye, Lime Wax.