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Online 2023

The luxury interior design directory: who to go to for bespoke decor in 2023

Silverlining is renowned for creating design-art furniture showcasing rare veneers, precious metals and fine hides, mixing traditional maker’s skills with contemporary practices to produce what the founder Mark Boddington calls “21st-century craftsmanship”. Among the most remarkable materials used are 3,000–year–old bog oak and leather salvaged from a ship that sank in 1786. 

The workshop is commissioned to create work for palaces, private jets and superyachts, and famous fans include Madonna, Tom Ford, Kevin Costner and the late David Bowie. A standout creation is the Urushi breakfast table (from £100,000), topped with 12 layers of red urushi lacquer, applied over six months. The 12,000-year-old technique involves gathering sap from the urushi tree, which can be harvested only by specialists, as in its raw form it is poisonous to the touch.