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What flowers bear a special meaning to you? Their beauty can now be captured in this outstanding design. The flowers of your choice - elegantly crafted in lacewood – rest on the background of expert vriz marquetry.

G1520 20 Bokeh Furniture Concept Hero

The technique creates a bokeh effect, often seen in macro photography. The vriz marquetry pattern is further layered with coloured metallised etching and a further layer of traditional marquetry. Combined with subtle shading and tinting with black mother-of-pearl and polished metal highlights, the design impresses with its craftsmanship’s depth and detail.

G1520 19 Bokeh Hero
G1520 19 Bokeh 1
G1520 19 Bokeh 2
G1520 19 Bokeh 3

Materials: Birds eye maple and lacewood veneers, polished metal, metallised resin, black mother-of-pearl.

Finish: Resin and lacquer.