Enriched Sensibilities Collection

Contour Marquetry

‘Contour Marquetry’ credenza in ziricote and figured walnut with polished nickel inlay 'contour lines' radiating from a Damascus steel disc. The organic pattern continues into the plinth which is finished in metallised resin. An ivory onyx top provides contrast to the rich hues of the ziricote and walnut veneers.

Silverlining Furniture Enriched Sensibilities Collection Contour marquetry concept CGI

The lines create both movement and an illusion of depth. By emphasising the contours, using intricate tapering metal inlay, the lines are lifted from the background walnut marquetry.

The Damascus disk at the centre of the smallest contour has folds of molten steel that mimic and compliment the marquetry pattern but on a smaller scale.

Contour Marquetry 2
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Contour Marquetry still life
Contour Marquetry 3

The design was inspired by the contour lines and the visual 2D patterns often used as an indicator of elevation. These patterns can be found in nature from the macro to the micro perspective – in the stepped rice fields of Asia and the natural timber grain.