New Horizons Collection

Cracked Earth

An elongated kidney shaped dining cabinet, topped with honed black bamboo marble and wrapped in a seamless mirror polished brass underlayer and plinth. This sample includes 60 individual hand-shaped English oak pieces in graduating stains. Each piece features a seamless mirror polished brass frame, visible in the ‘cracks’ between the elements.

G1425 04 Riverbed Credenza 30 08 22

The design is reminiscent of the salt pan floor of Deadvlei in Namibia – a dry, cracked landscape of haunting beauty. Originally a thriving natural area, it was formed naturally when the Tsauchar River flooded centuries ago, and the abundance of water allowed camel thorn trees to grow.

The area was affected approximately 900 years ago by climate change, which led to dunes encroaching on the pan, blocking the river from reaching the land, and resulting in the current landscape.

G1425 04 Cracked Earth 3
G1425 04 Cracked Earth 4
Silverlining Furniture G1425 04 New Horizons Cracked
SLF 7530

Materials: English oak end-grain and polished brass.

Finishes: Stained and waxed English oak with lacquered mirror polished brass.