Enriched Sensibilities Collection

Organic Sculpture

‘Organic Sculpture’ drinks cabinet in English ripple sycamore, metallised resin and polished brass.

Silverlining Furniture Enriched Sensibilities Collection Organic Sculpture Concept CGI

This design brings together three contrasting materials: solid English ripple sycamore, polished solid brass, and upholstery leather, to create one undulating, flowing surface.

It’s been inspired by the juxtaposition of natural landscapes and brutalist architecture, and the idea of transitioning from a flowing organic surface into an angular fractal one.

Organic Sculpture 2
Organic Sculpture 3
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Organic Sculpture still life

The design process considered the softness of the leather, the movement of solid timber as an organic matter, and the precision of machined metal, all brought together.

The design team used the latest software to create complex 3D geometry and combined these advances with the experience and knowledge of the craftspeople working with these materials for decades.