New Horizons Collection

Ornate Reef

Intricate coral patterns are represented in dazzling materials, from the fine metal latticework emanating from the centre to the detailed micro scoria pattern in blue gloss lacquer, all framed by white Mother of Pearl with the texture of spiral shells.

G1425 07 Ornate Reef Side Table 31 08 22

The centrepiece of the design catches the eye with three sculptural art glass spheres, reminiscent of crystal-clear seawater. The surface of the design captures the beauty, depth, and extraordinary detail that can be found in the remaining coral reefs of our oceans, with their bright blues, greens, yellows, purples, and pinks akin to an artist’s palette.

Tomoe steineck T1 Wru10g Khg unsplash
G1425 07 Ornate Reef 1
G1425 07 Ornate Reef 7
G1425 07 Ornate Reef 6

Those seeking to commission one-of-a-kind Silverlining furniture pieces will be inspired by seven new material finishes. The designs champion genuine sustainability, experimental material compositions, and the original use of craftsmanship techniques.