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The oeuvre of Bauhausian artists Paul Klee and Josef Albers is a primary inspiration behind the design of Shine. It presents an ultra-modern finish, engineered in an unlikely material – rattan. 

Forget any associations you might have with this humble material, as in 2023, it’s superbly engineered into karuun® – a high-tech, high-performance material, that doesn’t cost the Earth, yet provides the most luxurious and durable finish imaginable.

Shine Furniture Hero

Towards the centre of the design, end-grain karuun® is back-lit, with warm light diffusing through the natural capillaries of the material. This creates an illusion of varying intensity and depth throughout the design. Surrounding this mesmerising core is a subtle, alternating marquetry pattern in karuun® stripe veneer, with a tactile, vegan cactus leather section below. 

Intersecting the design are two symmetrical inlays in polished stainless steel, running parallel to the smaller inlays of back-lit end-grain karuun® that radiate out towards the edges.

G1520 04 Shine 7
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G1520 04 Shine 1
G1520 04 Shine 2 LR

Materials - karuun® Shine, karuun® Stripe Natura & Black, Vegan Cactus Leather, Polished Stainless Steel.

Finish - Open-grain satin lacquer.