New Horizons Collection


Two organic forms crafted in ceramics and wood are brought together in this design, inspired by the ancient philosophy of Zen and the aesthetic of Japanese dry gardens - stylised landscapes of carefully composed arrangements, with gravel or sand raked in ripple-like patterns.

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Three Reuleaux triangles in glass, ceramic and wood overlap to form the coffee table tops. Beneath the upper glass top, graduating ripples in the warm-white ceramic radiate from the central brass disc – which is split into patinated and polished finishes.

The two functional surfaces are cast above the lower Reuleaux triangle, a CNC-carved English oak form in a simple wax finish. The coffee table’s legs taper from the three tops, with a cross-section that mimics them. The legs are finished in a mix of patinated and polished brass with warm-white ceramic caps to the ends.

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A rippled shell of warm-white ceramic in a glossy glaze is cast across a CNC-carved English oak form, in a juxtaposing simple wax finish. These two components are joined by a central brass disc, split across the divide with a polished and patinated finish.

Material - Ceramic, English oak, mirror polished and patinated brass.

Finish - Waxed English oak with lacquered mirror polished brass & patinated brass.